Diamond® Double Sided Foam Tape Green Liner

Product Description

Diamond® Double side foam tape is closed cell polyethylene foam tape with unique differential adhesive system specially designed for window and door glazing applications. The glazing tape is coated with modified Rubber Based acrylic adhesive with green release liner.


Product Packing


Custom Size can be produced as per Customer Specifications

Product Specification

Double Sided Foam Tape Green Liner



  • Optimum compatibility and performance with PVC, aluminum and other low surface energy materials.
  • Differentials adhesive system provides improved structural performance and weather resistance
  • Excellent weather seal and durability. Bonding mirror to walls or furniture & immediate bonding.
  • Double sided  Closed cell  Polyethylene foam tape is a general purpose bonding tape and a strong  acrylic  Adhesive.
  • This tape combined conformability   with high immediate adhesive to most plastic including ABS, poly carbonate acrylic, PC & PP as well. Also has good adhesion metal & painted Surface.
  • This tape  can be used varies application, mounting & interiors  signs and name plates, attached wire clips to varies  surface


This tape has thousands of uses, including home, office, workshop, garden and garage. This tape is widely used in the automotive trade for badges, rubbing strips and trim fixings.



Storage under normal room temperature and 50% RH in the original packing.

Shelf Life

Use within 12 months.

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