Diamond Reinforced Neoprene Foam Gasket Tape

Product Description

Diamond Single Sided Neoprene Reinforced Foam Gasket Tape has a strong acrylic adhesive, and carried on White release paper. The tape has excellent flexibility and suitable for switch gear and panel board Gasket purpose.

neoprene gasket foam tape


Product Packing

neoprene foam gasket tape product packing

  • Custom Size can be produced as per Customer Specifications


Product Specification

neoprene foam gasket tape  product specification


  • Excellent re-bound characteristic and does not collapse,
  • Low moisture content of these products makes these tapes as a good sealant.
  • Best results Obtained when it’s applied to clean and dry surfaces.
  • Reinforced with fiber mesh to give an additional strength and highly elastic,


  • Diamond Neoprene reinforce foam tape is highly recommended for switch gear and panel board  manufacturer to be used as a  gasket,
  • Sealing electrical enclosures and switch cabinets.
  • Sealing exterior and interior lighting, sealing industrial access doors and hatches,
  • This tape is suitable for cushioning Air, water and dust seals gap-filling surface protection gasket production Anti-vibration.

Storage: Storage under normal room temperature and 50% RH in the original packing

Shelf Life:   Use within 12 months.

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