Aerofoam Self Adhesive Insulation Foam Tape

Aerofoam self –adhesive insulation foam tape is a closed cell structure of elastomeric foam. Tape has a moderately strong adhesive, and carried on Aerofoam Printed release paper. It is ideal for all kinds of heating, Ventilation,   Air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.


aerofoam self adhesive foam tape

Product Packaging

aerofoam self adhesive foam tape product packaging

Product Specification

product specification chart


  • Best Result Obtained when it’s applied to clean and dry surfaces.
  • Prevents Corrosion, Adheres to all metal.
  • Prevents Condensation & Energy saving.
  • Easy to use.


  • Aerofoam self –adhesive insulation foam tape is used for duct gasket insulation purpose.
  • Aerofoam self –adhesive insulation foam tape is ideal for hot or cold piping and fittings. Due to high flexibility and conformability this tape is used in insulation purpose
  • Aerofoam self –adhesive insulation foam tape is flexible, light- weight, Nitrile foam for Quality Insulation for refrigeration, air Conditioning and other applications.

Advantages and Benefits:

  •  Excellent for preventing condensation,
  • Reduces heat loss from hot pipes,
  • For wrapping hot and cold piping’s,
  • Energy Saving,
  • Easy to use and neat appearance,
  • Adheres firmly to all metals.
  • Excellent thermal conductivity easy to apply.
  • Stops Condensation drip.

Storage: Storage under normal room temperature and 50% RH in the original packing

Shelf Life:   Use within 12 months.

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