Diamond® Surface Protection Tape

Product Description

Diamond® Surface Protection Tape is a temporary protective mask designed for use on mirror finish to matt finish surfaces. It provides excellent protection for painted or treated aluminum, plastics, polycarbonate sheets, powder coated surfaces & similar surfaces.


Product Packing

diamond_surface_protection_tapeCustom Size can be produced as per Customer Specifications.


Product Specification



  • The product available in, black , black & white Printed LDPE film with an acrylic adhesive systems
  • UV protected Polyethylene film is coated with acrylic adhesive to give excellent protection both indoor, outdoor and during transit.
  • Specially designed acrylic adhesive adheres well to almost all surfaces but does not leave any residue when removed after protection film has been used.
  • Strong polyethylene film is used for backing has excellent conformability and very good dead stretch to adhere on difficult contours and edges.


  • Application on Polycarbonate sheets
  • Protection on Aluminium Panel and composite panels
  • Carpet protection
  • Protection on MICA
  • Protection on Aluminium Embossed surfaces,
  • Protection on powder coated surfaces Panel.
  • Protection on Anodized Surface ( Low Tack adhesive)
  • Protection on Kynar Surface ( High Tack adhesive)
  • Don’t expose to direct sunlight.



Storage under normal room temperature and 50% RH in the original packing

Shelf Life

12 months from date of manufacturing / 6 months after application.


Career Opportunities

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